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An arrest is one of the most devastating events you or your family can endure. It can impact your well-being, your livelihood, and your future.

You may think your life is ruined. But it does not have to be.

You need a criminal defense attorney who fights for you

Criminal law attorney Robert H. Astor has a thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system, how prosecutors operate and how best to defend each criminal case. With his 38 years of wisdom and experience, he has obtained solid results for clients in thousands of state and federal criminal cases throughout western Massachusetts, including in jury trials and appeals.

Parents of students at the region’s numerous colleges rely on our firm to help when their children find themselves in legal trouble. The firm has an excellent record of success in cases involving college students.

As a skilled negotiator, Attorney Astor deals with prosecutors before charges are filed, often helping to limit charges that ultimately are brought. He conducts a thorough investigation. He has experience crafting aggressive and successful trial strategies and pursues favorable plea agreements or reduced sentences when it is appropriate.

Striving for the best possible outcome

Clients find Robert Astor does all of this with discretion. He puts clients at ease, presents an honest assessment of possible case outcomes, and keeps them informed through every step of the way. Clients also find the firm’s employees are intelligent, caring, non-judgmental, and dedicated to understanding the worries and fears that stem from being charged with a crime.

Clients rely on the criminal defense attorney Robert Astor to defend an array of criminal charges, including those related to:

See the difference 38 years of experience can make

If something you hold dear is at stake because of a criminal investigation or arrest, you owe it to yourself to permit the criminal defense attorney Robert H. Astor to assess your options.

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