How to Select an Accident Attorney in Amherst, Northampton or Springfield

Car accident lawyer serving Springfield, Northampton, Amherst and all Western Massachusetts with over 40+ years experience

Car accidents cause devastating consequences for the victims and their families.  An experienced car accident lawyer can assist the injured with getting their lives back on track and finding justice following a car crash.  Personal injuries, property damage, and even death can result from car accidents, and a good accident lawyer is prepared to seek damages in the client’s best interests.  Consider these tips to help you find a knowledgeable and successful accident attorney in Springfield.

A solid attorney for a solid case

The Law Offices of Robert H. Astor knows there are many accident attorneys in Springfield, Northampton, Amherst, and throughout the western Massachusetts area. We encourage you to ask questions to ascertain a solid personal injury attorney to represent your accident claim.  It is good to ask friends and family for referrals and recommendations.  Some of the best and worst experiences are learned from others and can help guide your search for the right accident lawyer.  At the very least, you may learn of some attorneys to strongly consider and others to avoid.

Our law firm has a solid reputation of applying the facts of the case to the law for a solid case.  Our clients’ testimonies show that we not only fight for their rights, but we understand the pain, suffering, and trauma of being in an accident.  Above recommendations and above testimonies, it is important that you are comfortable and can trust the attorney protecting you. It is important that you are confident in the experience and guidance you can expect from our firm.

A Tried and Tested Process That Produces Results

For the best chance of a successful settlement or favorable court proceedings, our accident lawyers have a detailed process for producing winning recovery results through:

  • Proper assessment—we review your case and evaluate the facts
  • Paperwork—we properly handle paperwork, delivering it to the proper courts in a timely manner
  • Investigate—from police reports to medical reports to teaming up with accident specialists and medical experts, we thoroughly research all aspects of the case
  • Knowledge of the law—we are versed in city, county, and state court proceedings and law
  • Negotiate and litigate settlements and verdicts—we represent you in negotiations with insurance adjusters and opposing counsel

The Law Offices of Robert H. Astor is available to you when you need us.  We are local and work one-on-one with our clients, developing a rapport.  Personal injury is personal and it becomes personal for us as we battle at every step of the process for the best possible outcome.

We proudly represent auto accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense clients in  Amherst, Northampton, Springfield and all of western Massachusetts.  Contact us online or by calling 413-781-1144 or 413-584-4348.