Client Testimonials

Here are some things our clients say about us.

Medical Malpractice

“When my father died during an emergency room visit, Attorney Astor felt our pain. He fought for us, and obtained the justice we sought.”

-MEM, Springfield, Mass.

“When my child was born with developmental delays due to malpractice, Attorney Astor helped insure financial security for my son for the rest of his life, and did it with great compassion.”

-DH, Granby, Mass.

Personal Injury

“When I had my auto accident, Attorney Astor rejected low-ball offers from the insurance companies, and fought for just compensation.”

-JD, Amherst, Mass.

“When the insurance company denied my accident claim, Attorney Astor took the case to trial and secured a verdict on my behalf.”

-AR, Chicopee, Mass.

Criminal Law

“When my liberty and livelihood was at stake due to a serious error in judgment on my part, Attorney Astor managed to convince the prosecutor and the judge that treatment – not prison – was the best solution.”

-MH, Westhampton, Mass.

“When I was charged with drunk driving Attorney Astor fought hard, and eventually won my case at a jury trial, enabling me to keep my driver’s license.”

-RH, Springfield, Mass.

“When I was searched and arrested for drugs, Attorney Astor convinced a judge that the search was illegal, the case was thrown out, and I went on with my life.

-DCM, Hadley, Mass.

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If something you hold dear is at stake, you owe it to yourself to permit the Law Offices of Robert H. Astor to assess your options. For personal injury and medical malpractice clients, we offer a free initial consultation and charge you no attorney’s fees unless we recover money for you.

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