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Representative Cases

Medical Malpractice

$900,000 settlement – 2015

18-month delay in diagnosing lung cancer, causing a 36-percent loss of chance for survival in a 60-year- old man, who died two years after diagnosis.

$700,000 settlement – 2015

Hospital personnel fail to recognize fetal distress, leading to death of baby 11 hours after birth.

$1.1 million settlement

Plaintiff was a 25-year-old developmentally disabled man on lithium who resided under the care and supervision of a mental health agency. Not feeling well, he was brought to a hospital and diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Due to a series of medical errors by the hospital physician, primary care physician and a laboratory, lithium toxicity was not diagnosed and plaintiff suffered permanent neurological damage.

$400,000 settlement

Plaintiff was a 66-year-old man who presented to an emergency room with light-headedness and facial numbness. After receiving medication, plaintiff suffered an asthma attack. His inhaler provided no relief and hospital personnel were not able to intubate him in a timely manner, causing anoxic encephalopathy and death.

$450,000 settlement

Plaintiff was a 60-year-old man with a prosthetic hip who presented to his primary care physician with severe pain and minimal range of motion in his left hip. X-rays were taken and the treatment plan called for bed rest, heat and pain medication. Three days later plaintiff collapsed at home. He was diagnosed as having a septic left hip, and was able to prove that the septicemia caused congestive heart failure and renal insufficiency, requiring a lengthy hospitalization.


Personal Injury

$296,250 jury verdict

An 11-year-old girl suffered injuries when lockers in a newly renovated area of her school fell upon her. Suit was brought against four defendants in Hampshire County Superior Court. The plaintiff was required to wear a back brace for several months, missed six weeks of school, and testified at trial as to the physical and emotional impact of the accident The highest offer on the case was $70,000. Plaintiff pursued a bad faith insurance claim against one of the insurance carriers after the jury trial was concluded.

$200,000 jury verdict

A 25-year-old man’s pickup truck was struck from behind by a police cruiser which was responding to a call. Police cited the plaintiff for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. Plaintiff fought the citation, prevailed, and brought a negligence suit in Hampden County Superior Court against police department personnel for failure to use care in operation of a motor vehicle. Plaintiff suffered headaches and strains of his neck and back, and testified at trial that the injuries affected his ability to perform his duties as an auto mechanic. There was no offer on the case.

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