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The Law Offices of Robert H. Astor helps protect the rights of clients who are the subject of an arrest warrant or who are accused of violating probation.

With 35 years of experience as lawyer, Attorney Astor fully understands and explains all available options to clients. He negotiates skillfully to ensure the best possible outcome. He has particular experience representing clients who live out of state who have outstanding warrants in Massachusetts.

If you violate your probation or parole, you face serious repercussions, including community service, heavy fines and extended jail time. Prior convictions and/or parole violations can elevate the penalties even further.

It is paramount that you contact our firm immediately if you know a warrant has been issued for your arrest, or if you are under investigation. The sooner our office intervenes in a case, the more options that are available to you.

See the difference 35 years of experience can make

If your future or your freedom is at stake because of a pending arrest or probation violation, you owe it to yourself to permit the Springfield criminal defense lawyer Robert H. Astor to assess your options.

From our offices in Springfield and Northampton, we proudly represent criminal defendants in all western Massachusetts communities. Contact us online or by calling 413-781-1144 or 413-584-4348.

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