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Drug offense arrests and sentencing can change the course of your life dramatically.  A drug offense may deeply affect the future of your education and even your employment.  If you are arrested or charged with a drug-related offense, good Springfield drug crime lawyers are vital to proving your innocence or if guilt is clear, fighting for alternatives to long prison sentences.  At the Law Offices of Robert H. Astor, drug crime lawyer, we fight to protect your constitutional rights.

Defending your rights and your life

When you are fighting to defend your innocence and reputation or seeking a lesser sentence for a drug crime you committed, you need a lawyer who possesses strong litigation and negotiation skills.  Finding the appropriate reputable drug crime lawyers in Amherst, Northampton or Springfield with the legal prowess and professional experience to represent you and defend your rights is essential to your case.  It is important to find someone you trust, who:

  • Provides written recommendations and has references and testimonies
  • Is not just a drug crime lawyer, but specializes in criminal law and defense
  • Has a long history of drug cases with successful outcomes
  • Has years of experience and dozens or even hundreds of successful rulings in drug crime cases

Over 38 years of legal experience

The Law Offices of Robert H. Astor has all of these qualities.  It is our Amherst drug crime lawyer’s strength as a strong legal representative who is versed in criminal law that provides you with solutions and outcomes that benefit you.

As a strong drug crime lawyer in the Springfield and Northampton area, we are well aware of any existing and pending drug crime laws, giving your case an edge in trial and court proceedings.  We are dedicated to continual education supported with a tireless approach in protecting your best interests, which becomes the greatest asset to your case.

Experience achieves results

For the greatest probability of proving your innocence or achieving a lesser sentence, choose Robert H. Astor, a well-rounded drug crime lawyer with years of experience representing drug crime cases such as drug possession, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, and trafficking, to name a few.  When your life is at stake, look to the Law Offices of Robert H. Astor, aggressive and committed to your defense for the best chances at a successful outcome to your case.

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