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Our personal injury lawyers in Springfield understand the suffering and frustration in accident injury cases, and they work hard to bring those who caused the injuries to justice while seeking damages and compensation for the injury victims.  A successful personal injury lawyer channels the emotional aspects of an accident or injury case into effective and compelling arguments.

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The Law Offices of Robert H. Astor recognizes that each personal injury case is different in some way from the next, but many commonalities exist between cases.  As strong and experienced injury lawyers, we bring talent in successful negotiation and litigation skills for both trial proceedings and at settlement.  We become an essential third party in your case, offering an objective point of view bolstered by facts and evidence to support your case.

If your injury occurred in or around Springfield, Northampton, or Amherst, you should seek a local personal injury attorney to handle your case.  You deserve a lawyer who lives or works in the local area and who has a strong network of contacts and experts in that same region.

Negligence—the law of less

Furthermore, our firm is well-versed in the local personal injury laws and statutes, giving your case a more tailored approach that comes naturally.  For example, Massachusetts has a law known as comparative negligence law, which allows victims to recover compensation against the negligent or careless person who caused the accident, even if the victim is shown as partially negligent. According to Massachusetts Code Chapter 231 Section 85, “The violation of a criminal statute, ordinance or regulation by a plaintiff which contributed to said injury, death or damage, shall be considered as evidence of negligence of that plaintiff, but the violation of said statute, ordinance or regulation shall not as a matter of law and for that reason alone, serve to bar a plaintiff from recovery.”  Our knowledge means that even though you may be partially at fault, we still effectively represent you to obtain the maximum recovery.

However, this law still requires that the victim be less negligent than the person who caused the accident, and if comparative negligence is found, the victim’s recovery is lessened accordingly.  Knowing all the ins and outs of injury law in Springfield and neighboring counties, we help to keep your case on track with strong arguments from start to finish.

Legal advocate you can trust

 Beyond understanding the laws and statutes, Springfield personal injury lawyers of the Robert H. Astor law firm also know how to handle insurance companies.  The lawyer serves as a supportive buffer between the victim and the insurance agents, minimizing the chance of conflicts and potential loss of damages.

From previous experience to strong networks, deep knowledge of laws, and excellent legal strategy, we bring many benefits to your case. The combination of all these legal advantages makes hiring the Law Offices of Robert H. Astor to handle your personal injury lawsuit a smart decision that often leads to success.

From our offices in Springfield and Northampton, we proudly represent personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense clients in all western Massachusetts communities. Contact us online or by calling 413-781-1144 or 413-584-4348.

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